Wise County Voices

Below are some ideas and goals collected from Wise County Democrats during a recent social event.  Each section contains input from one of five collaboration groups that were formed during the meeting.  We would like to hear from you at our next meeting, or feel free to submit ideas via our Contact Us page.


Expand election judge poll coverage

Improve training/assistance for election judges

Grow party by being more active/aggressive in precincts

  • Get involved!
  • Meet all Democrats in precint
  • Monthly breakfast meetings in each precinct
  • Precinct chair training

Recruit veterans to be active party participants

Monthly breakfast

Turn Texas Senate blue!

Create program to target youth vote

  • Educate youth to increase interest
  • Social events to activate
  • Scholarship competition

Vote Hillary!

Rally party unity around Hillary

  • Regular meetings
  • Have a voice
  • Social events

Help with transportation to vote
Fundraising events
Attract youth to party

  • Voter registration at local high schools and college
  • Party leaders (Democrat + Republican) to speak at schools

Beat Phil King the *****!
Regular precint meetings

Put the party back into Democratic Party!

  • Regular social events
  • Always remember that this is supposed to be fun!