Mission Statement

WCDP Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a presence and platform for Wise County residents to champion Democratic ideals and candidates.


Guiding Principles

  • County party leaders should be focused on expanding Wise County Democratic participation and not on self-aggrandizement or state and national party political titles, positions, or appointments.
  • All party meetings will be open to all Democrats and will provide a forum for participation, collaboration, and friendship.
  • Individual leaders cannot be allowed to personally own party assets (documents, equipment, bank accounts, Facebook, email, website, donation sites, and the party name/brand).  It is our job to serve as faithful stewards of county party assets and to transition them honorably if/when the time comes.
  • Wise County Democrats deserve to have a consistent social media presence, email contact, and safe contribution site.  It would be negligent for any leader to fail to establish such assets for the party.
  • County party rules need to be amended to protect the party from abuses of power and must include enforcement provisions to ensure that real consequences follow from bad behavior, up to and including immediate removal from office.


As the county party chair since 2016, I have adhered to the above guiding principles and will continue to do so while working to fulfill our mission.

Thank you,
Janet Akers-Amos
Wise County Democratic Party Chair
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