Knocking Doors for Ray and Hillary, October 8th left plenty of room for improvement

RECAP:  Okay, I am committed to always telling the truth, so I will not sugarcoat this recap.  The bottom line is that we need to do better and prioritize our GOTV efforts.  I understand that our party elders are not equipped for block walking, but our younger party members need to be able to carve out 90 minutes on a Saturday to help our local candidates.  Ray Morris, Donna Blanchard, and Janet Akers-Amos (yours truly) represented, but we had our own struggles with the address lists, so we need to hone our efforts as well.  During our next 3rd Monday meeting on October 17th, let’s talk about another GOTV event that combines phone banks with a team of block walkers.


We will be meeting at 10 AM on Saturday, October 8th, to knock doors in Rhome for Ray Morris and Hillary Clinton.  We will gather in the Dairy Queen parking lot in Rhome and hit the neighborhoods shortly after 10 AM.  It should only take about an hour and then back to the Dairy Queen for Peanut Buster Parfaits, cones, sundaes, etc.


Let us know if you are planning to join the team by dropping a note in the Contact Us page.

Meet at the Rhome Dairy Queen
Meet at the Rhome Dairy Queen by 10 AM