Emergency CEC Meeting, October 1st

Recap:  The meeting has concluded and the following Precinct Chairs have been appointed and confirmed:

  • Amanda Byrum, Precinct 1-2
  • Mary Boswell, Precinct 1-22
  • Walt Partin, Precinct 2-12
  • Jack Tucker, Precinct 2-8
  • Lee Foster, Precinct 2-9
  • Winford Cash, Precinct 3-27
  • Maggie Stephens, Precinct 4-15
  • Kristina Kemp, Precinct 4-17

In addition, Maggie Stephens was confirmed as Secretary and Rita Tucker was confirmed as Treasurer.  Rita agreed to officially return to the job she does so well, since the current chair also recognizes the importance of checks and balances, controlled reimbursement, and absolutely NO DEBIT CARDS to access party funds.

Prior to the appointment and confirmation of the precinct chairs, two official notices were distributed and read into the official record.  These notices can be found on this site’s new Official Notices section and are essential to fully understanding the nature of this emergency CEC meeting.


The Wise County Democratic Party will be holding an emergency CEC meeting on October 1, 2016, beginning at 2:00 PM.  This extraordinary measure is taking place on short notice due to the reasons below.

  • The former chair’s surrogates are attempting to exploit an ambiguity in TDP rules to interfere with the writ of mandamus legal action that is pending a final hearing on October 24, 2016, by petitioning for a CEC meeting to be held on October 4, 2016.  This meeting petition threatens to undermine the credibility of the Wise County Democratic Party.  The reasons outlining why it is illegitimate will be detailed in an official statement to be released during Saturday’s emergency CEC meeting.
  • It has come to my attention that the stress related to this ongoing transition is taking a toll on the health and well-being of the party elders, to the point where serious health effects may be imminent.  They have been subjected and exposed to much of the coordinated campaign of harassment and slander led against me by the former chair.  These elders have donated sweat, blood, tears, and a great deal of money over the decades to the Democratic party and deserve an immediate resolution to the current uncertainty, and an end to the rancor and disrespect.

Please note that it was my intention (i.e. Janet Akers-Amos) to wait until *after* the November elections to deal with these issues.  The recent petition for the October 4th meeting has escalated matters and forced me to move sooner.  Details will be provided in a 2nd official statement to be released during Saturday’s emergency CEC meeting.


Location:  200 Rook Ramsey Drive, Decatur, Texas  76234 (see map below)
Date:  Saturday, October 1, 2016

As always:  All Democrats are welcome to attend