Candidates – 2016

On the fall 2016 ballot, the Wise County Democratic Party has two qualified candidates running for local office.  We are confident that Wise County would benefit from either man’s knowledge and experience, plus the intrinsic benefit that Democrats would bring to county leadership that is otherwise so thoroughly dominated by Republicans without adequate checks and balances.

  • Don Drain, candidate for Wise County Tax Assessor-Collector  Ruck.us_Logo


  • Ray F. Morris, candidate for Precinct 1 County Commissioner  Facebook logoRuck.us_Logo

Don Drain

Ray Morris was taught to seek out opportunities to help and serve others. He has a passion for service and believes the Wise County Commissioner’s Court provides an excellent platform from which to serve the community. Ray is dedicated to the following ideals:

  • Pro-development and growth so we can bring new quality employers to our community.
  • Be proactive in helping our existing employers grow and add additional jobs.
  • Roads, bridges, parks and proper drainage are tasks most of us understand to be among the most basic functions of government and, along with public safety, the place where we expect our tax dollars to go first.
  • It is now time to look for new opportunities and diversity the economic face in our community.

Ray’s degree in Emergency Management and Planning will be a great resource in the position of County Commissioner for Wise County.


Ray is committed to repairing/building the roads we need to keep traffic moving, and the drainage we need to keep our homes out of harm’s way.

He knows the importance of safe roads to get us home quickly, and good drainage for communities that experience regular flooding.

Ray is committed to establishing relationships needed to get projects funded and see them through from start to finish.


Ray will do what it takes to bring businesses into the community to create jobs and lower the residential tax burden for residents in the county.

He will build relationships with other local municipal leaders and economic development coordinators to ensure that Wise County becomes a great place to do business and to create a business-friendly environment to attract, retain and grow business, diversify the economic base and bring in job opportunities for all citizens.


Ray will be dedicated to keeping our communities safe and inviting. He will work with local law enforcement to provide the resources they need to protect our neighborhoods. His focus will be on public safety.

Ray will seek to provide a safe and secure county through coordinated, efficient and effective public safety services.


Ray will collaborate with Weatherford College, in efforts to achieve well-educated, skilled citizens prepared for success and to have opportunity to work in the county to grow our workforce.

Ray doesn’t want to be known for just talk, he will lead by example. His hopes are to make efforts to leave a noticeable and lasting impact on our county.



Ray Morris, 2016 Candidate for Prec 1 County Commissioner Ray Morris speaking at 2016 Convention